Restoring hope with dignity

Safety and Responsibility Programs for Adult Sex Offenders and Adults with Sexual Behavior Problems

The Institute provides services for adults with sexual behavioral problems, including charges or conviction of a sexual offense.

Since 1955, The Joseph J. Peters Institute has been working with adults with sexual behavioral problems, including those charged with or convicted of sexual offenses. For more than 60 years, the Institute has been recognized as a leader in this field.

The work requires a strong belief in recovery and restoration on both the part of the individuals being treated and our exemplary multi-disciplinary therapy team. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals live safe and healthy lives.

The Institute uses evidence informed treatment practices consistent with those defined by the Association of Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) standards.

The individuals we serve undergo a full comprehensive evaluation supervised by a licensed psychologist with expertise in the treatment of individuals with sexual behavior problems. Psychiatric evaluation is often also part of the evaluation process, based on the individual’s needs. Evaluation is followed by assignment to a therapist. Cognitive behavioral group therapy is a best practice modality, which is coupled with individual therapy when deemed appropriate. Psychiatry services are available on site.

Treatment at the Institute is oriented to build on the strengths of the individual to reduce his or her risk of recidivism by using the treatment interventions shown to offer the greatest promise, which are outlined in the ATSA standards and guidelines.

The Institute recognizes that treatment is a process of accountability and healing in the individual, family and community. Management of the factors that contribute to sexually abusive behavior is a lifelong task for many adults who sexually offend. We are committed to a process that supports individuals to live healthy, responsible and accountable lives in a treatment/recovery culture of dignity and respect.


Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

The Joseph J. Peters Institute recognizes that individuals with serious and persistent co-morbid psychiatric illness, developmental disabilities, and other serious impairments who also demonstrate sexual behavior problems need more support than is received on a traditional outpatient basis. To better serve these special need groups of individuals, we offer a therapeutic day program that addresses these problems in individuals with more complicated clinical needs.

For adults (18 years and older) with various, social, emotional and behavioral problems along with sexual misconduct, the Institute provides a partial hospitalization program.

Our program, designed to provide psychiatric, sexual, psychological, social, educational, vocational, and recreational assessments and rehabilitation, focuses on strengthening an individual’s ability to cope with the stressors that accompany community living and to reduce or extinguish sexual misconduct.

The Institute provides individual therapy from a Master’s level individual therapist bi-weekly along with six hours of group therapy a day. Groups are structured through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-focused modules and psychoeducation.

Modules include: relapse prevention/good life module, safety planning, anger management, life skills curriculum, WRAP recovery model, stress management, drug and alcohol, health and human sexuality, communication, conflict resolution, and art /music therapy.