Restoring hope with dignity

Offenders Services

Safety and Responsibility Programs for Sex Offenders and Individuals with Sexual Behavior Issues

The clinicians at the Joseph J. Peters Institute Safety & Responsibility Program are skilled in providing specialized services for individuals who have sexual behavior problems or committed sexual offenses. The Institute provides therapy for male and female adults and adolescents that experience sexual behavioral problems and/or are charged with or convicted of sexual offenses. Treatment for these individuals is provided at our Offender Services location, 1211 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

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Safety and Responsibility Programs for Domestic Violence Batterers

The Joseph J. Peters Institute understands that domestic violence arises from multiple pathways within relationships and treating domestic violence batterers requires a commitment to recovery and restoration on both the part of the individuals being treated and our exemplary multi-disciplinary therapy team. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals discontinue violence in their relationships and live safe and healthy lives.

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