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Forensic Evaluation Services for Children & Families

The Joseph J. Peters Institute provides child custody evaluations, conducted by a licensed psychologist, to the Courts involving issues of parenting fitness and physical custody of children following marital separation or divorce.

The process includes a series of clinical interviews, specialized psychological testing and structured observations with all members of the family involved.

Services are usually offered in conjunction with a court order or requests from attorneys/legal representatives of clients, and include assessment of children/adolescents involving allegations or referrals related to sexual abuse and trauma.


Forensic psychosexual evaluations for adolescents include comprehensive assessments of diagnostic, risk, and treatment or intervention issues as related to all sexual offenses or allegations involving adolescents in juvenile court or other forensic contexts. Assessment services are also offered related to issues of victimization or sexual trauma in adolescents.

A licensed psychologist with extensive experience in the psychological and forensic assessment of adolescents conducts these assessments.

Treatment services are also offered related to pretrial or specialized forensic issues involving adolescent clients.